Talking with your child about gender identity can seem overwhelming—but with the right guidance, you can have healthy conversations and create an affirming environment for them as they grow. Whether your child is cisgender, gender expansive, transgender, or still unsure, this guide provides practical advice and strategies to help you embrace them for who they are and support them as they approach puberty.



I hold a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies and a Master’s of Social Work from University of Washington in Seattle. Currently, in addition to this practice, I also serve as faculty for the Indian Country Paths (Re)Membered Transgender ECHO project and a therapist with Native American Lifelines. I guide my transgender therapist practice with compassion, dedication, and an anti-oppression lens. If you’re looking for a gender therapist I’d love to talk with you.

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About me

Tavi is a co-founder of QORDS, a nonprofit summer camp for queer and transgender youth and youth of LGBTQ+ families. Tavi is a multi-racial Indigenous Two Spirit and trans person. Whenever possible (a challenge with a toddler), Tavi likes to read, dance, hike in the woods, grow food and medicines, travel, play their drum kit and hand drum, hug their elders, and eat.


Author. therapist. trainer. public speaker.

Welcome friend.

I am Tavi. In addition to therapy, I provide trainings to organizations, businesses, schools, and individual therapists. My goal is to increase access to truly anti-racist, trans-affirming care by providing training, consultation, and supervision to other therapists, educators, and healthcare practitioners. I aim to contribute by improving the quality of care found in a multitude of service locations for Two Spirit, Indigiqueer, and Transgender individuals and families.